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Extraschicht Lange Nacht

site-specific works created to accompany light installations by Mischa Kuball, James Turrel, Keith Sonnier and Mario Merz.

Premiered at Zentrum für Internationale Lichtkunst Unna on June 26th 2016.

Created for the in the project "Hellweg - ein Lichtweg" with dancers of the Folkwang Tanzstudio, Essen.

Carla Jordão_CHOREOGRAPHY / Nejma Larichi, Stephanie Miracle, Chi -i Wu, Shan Ga and Uwe Brauns, _DANCE / Aly Ostovar_MUSIK  / Noemi Baumblatt_Costume I Henrietta Horn & Rodolfo Leoni_MENTORING / Claudia Lüttringhaus_Organisation / Christian Josef Clarke_PHOTO & VIDEO DOCUMENTATION


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