Born in Lisbon (Portugal) 1982

Lives and works in Cologne (Germany)                      



2014-2016  Master degree in Dance Composition at the Folkwang University of the Arts

2000-2004  Graduated from the University of Lisbon in dance & stage performance at the Escola Superior   de Dança - Instituto Politécnico de Lisboa (Superior Dance School of Lisbon - SDS)  





2020  Marcel Duchamp Die Braut von ihren Junggesellen entblößt, sogar … Cologne

2019  A UNIVERSAL WEAKNESS (Winner of the Kölner Tanztheaterpreis 2019) Cologne

2018  "Under water in a virtual room" Cologne

2018 Needless, Needles (Nominated for the Kölner Tanztheaterpreis 2018) Cologne 

2018 we’re not the only objects in this room (Co-creation with Céline Bellut) Cologne

2017 cut fold paste (co-creation with Stephanie Miracle) Portugal

2016 Projects of the uncounscious (Think big Residence), Hannover

2016 Extraschicht – Lange Nacht der Industriekultur (Unna) and Welttheater der Straße (Schwerte)

2016 Traits of Character (developed during the Inkubator residence), Cologne


2016 Drafting Plan (co-creation with Stephanie Miracle), Essen/Cologne


2016 Skeletal automaton and Unruhe, Cologne

2013 me you you me (in Residency and Masterclass in CAE (Centro Artes e Espetaculo) , Figueira da Foz 


2012 Self portrait  (in Residency and Masterclass in L'AGORA Guilers premiere at the festival La Becquée, France

2012/2011 La ligne de vie (Choreography for the Companhia de Dança de Almada) Portugal



2019  Winner of the Kölner Tanztheaterpreis with the piece  A UNIVERSAL WEAKNESS

2018  Nominated for the Kölner Tanztheaterpreis with the piece Needless, Nedless

2015  1. Prize in Köln and in Budapest with the piece Drafting plan





2016  Think Big-Residency, Staatstheater Hannover

2016  Inkubator-Residency, Tanzfaktur Cologne

2012/13  Residency and Masterclass in Centro Artes e Espetáculo, Figueira da Foz

2012  Residency and Masterclass in L'AGORA Guilers France





2020  Performer in "just before falling", El Cuco Projekt

2019  Dramaturge in the piece "MIRA 9" by Julia Riera

2020  Performer in "Screaming matter", El Cuco Projekt

2019  Dramaturge in the piece "INTER.PHASE" by Adrián Castelló

since 2019 In the artistic direction of „SoloDuo Festival NRW + friends" Cologne

2018  Performer in the Research-Project "Underbounderies" by Bianca Mendonça

2017/18  Dramaturge for "El Cuco Project"

since 2017  team member of the Choreografen-Netzwerks Barnes Crossing

2015  Assistent of Johannes Wieland in “BLACK.SILENTMOVIE.REALFICTION.BLACK”

2009  Assistent of Célestine Hennermann in "Ich sehe was, was du nicht siehst"

2007-2008 Performer in the Kamu Suna Ballet Company under the direction of Cesar Moniz


2005-2012 Performer in the Companhia de Dança de Almada  


2010 - present
2010 - present