2014-2016 - Master degree in Dance Composition at the Folkwang University of the Arts

2000-2004 - Graduated from the University of Lisbon in dance & stage performance at the Escola Superior   de Dança - Instituto Politécnico de Lisboa (Superior Dance School of Lisbon - SDS)  

1997-2000 - Graduation from the secondary school with the main subjects in art at the Escola Secundária de Ferreira Dias


Professional experience as a dancer


2005-2012 - Companhia de Dança de Almada  


Working with various choreographers: Benvindo Fonseca (Muito Chao, Casa do rio), Clara Andermatt (O Cansaco dos Santos), Guillermo Horta Bettencourt (Arbol Periferico), Jean Paul Bucchieri (Not Possible), Marie Coquil (Contracuerpo), Rui Pinto (Secret Drummings, Secret Smile), Ricardo Ambrozio (Nossos) and also Victor Garcia 



2007-2008 - Kamu Suna Ballet Company under the direction of Cesar Moniz "Ballet Kaminari" at Teatro Camões (Lisbon) and Theatre D'Esch (Luxembourg)



Jordão has danced, choreographed and conducted workshops in various dance projects in different countries such as Portugal, Spain, France, Greece, Poland, Austria, Brazil, Hungary and Germany


Choreographic works (selection)


2019 - Winner of the Kölner Tanztheaterpreis 2019 with the piece "A universal weakness"

2019 - Choreographer of the duo "A universal weakness"

Since 2019 - One of the 3 artistic directors of „SoloDuo Festival NRW + friends"


2018 - Choreographer of the solo piece "Under water in a virtual room"

2018 - Nominated for the Kölner Tanztheaterpreis with the piece "Needless, Needles"

2018 - Co-creation of the piece „we’re not the only objects in this room“ together with Celine Bellut, performed in (Rh)einfach Festival

2018 - Performed the piece “HopperHope” by Ana Borges, in the Tavira Festival (PT)

2018 - Participation in the research "Underbounderies" by Bianca Mendonça

Since 2017 - Team member of the choreographer network Barnes Crossing


2017 - Choreographer of the duo "Cut, Fold, Paste" in co-creation with Stephanie Miracle, which was performed at the Festival 21 Quinzena de Dança de Almada (Portugal)

2016 - For the residence "Think Big" - Staatstheater Hannover - she was selected as one of three choreographers, in which she created the piece "Projections of the unconscious"

2016 - Extraschicht – Lange Nacht der Industriekultur (Unna) and Welttheater der Straße (Schwerte)

2016 - Choreographer of "Traits of Character", developed during the Inkubator residence in Tanzfaktur: performed in the (Rh)einfach Festival (Cologne) and in Studio Alta (Prague)


2016 - Choreography of the duo "Drafting Plan" in co-creation with Stephanie Miracle  

1st prize in the festival Barnes Crossing 2015 (Cologne)  

1st Prize at the Szoloduo Festival in Budapest 2016 (Hungary)  

3rd prize in the Contact Energy Festival (Erfurt)  


2016 - During the Fünfzehnminuten festival in Cologne she shows the choreographies "Skeletal automaton" (2015) and "Unruhe"(2016)

Choreography and interpretation of the solo piece "Uma Historia para nunca ser contada", performed at the Forum Romeo Correia (Almada/Portugal) and at the Festival 21 Quinzena de Dança de Almada (Portugal)


2013/2012 - Residence and Masterclass in CAE (Centro Artes e Espetaculo) - Figueira da Foz (Portugal) for the creation of the dance piece "me you you me" (Premiere January 2013)


2012 - Residence and Masterclass in L'AGORA Guilers (France) for the creation of the solo piece "Self Portrait", premiere at the festival La Becquée, in Brest. A piece by Carla Jordão, sponsored by Fundação Calouste Gulbenkian and Compagnie Pour Un Soir

2012/2011 - Choreography for the Companhia de Dança de Almada "La Ligne de Vie ", performed in Portugal at the Tala Dance Centre Festival (Croatia), at the Insoliti Festival (Turin) at the ProArt Festival (Prague), and at the IX festival of Dance Theathers Zawirowania (Warsaw)


Choreographic assistant and Dramaturg


2018/2017 - Dramaturge of „El Cuco Projekt“

2015 - Assistant to the choreographer Johannes Wieland for a piece for the students of the master's programme in interpretation at the Folkwang University of the Arts

2009 - Assistant to choreographer and dramaturge Célestine Hennerman in the project: "Ich sehe was, du nicht siehst", creation and performance in Düsseldorf and Frankfurt

2010 - present
2010 - present