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Projections of the unconscious

inside a minimalist game, characters appear and awaken from the figures of artist Michael Borremans.

© "think big", Hanover



„[…] In the case of Portuguese-born Carla Jordão, in contrast, works of visual art served as the points of departure for her production ‘Projections of the Unconscious’. By means of abrupt, steadily escalating movements, she freed her dancers in this piece from their rigidity and gradually made them come to life. […]” - Lara Sagen

© "think big Hanover

Premiered at Kulturzentrum Pavillon, Hanover on June 9th 2016.

Carla Jordão_CHOREOGRAPHY Veerian, Wibutee_MUSIC Kirill Berezovski, Martijn Dirk Joling, Kiyan Khoshoie, Mark Christoph Klee, Kalin Morrow, Giulia Piana, Andrea Vallescar, TingAn Ying _DANCE Tilman Richter_DRAMATURGY Karine Seneca_TRAINING/CHOREOGRAPHIC ASSISTENCE Light design: Wilfried Heitmüller_LIGHT DESIGN Sabine Mech_COSTUME ASSISTENCE

The „Think Big“ residencies 2016 in Hanover are funded by the Stiftung Niedersachsen, Stiftung Kulturregion Hannover, Landeshauptstadt Hannover / Kulturbüro and Region Hannover

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