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drafting plan

out Playing with optical illusions two bodies emerge out of one.


“Out of darkness comes a mysterious, shape-shifting duet that explores the tension between two bodies. Crafted with visual integrity and a simple but striking use of form, “Drafting plan” lies somewhere between abstract and a character study”. - tanzwebkoeln




1st prize BEST DUO - SoloDuo Festival (Cologne)

1st Price BEST DUO - SzoloDuo Festival (Budapest)

3rd Price BEST DUO ContactEnergyCompetition (Staatstheater Erfurt)

Premiered at Folkwang Universitäat der Künste, Essen on 2015.


Further performances 

at Internationales Tanztheater Festival, Erfurt on November 4th 2016.

at Auf dem Sprung Festival, Aachen on October 29th 2016.

at Szoloduo Festival – Budapest, Hungary on January 16th 2016.

at SoloDuo Ferstival, Cologne on October 11th 2015.

at Staatstheater Kassel on April 2nd 2015.


Carla Jordão and Stephanie Miracle_ CHOREOGRAPHY AND PERFORMANCE

Created at Folkwang Universität der Künste

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