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“KEIN ENDE” is a 45-minute solo choreographed by Carla Jordão. It embodies special moments in the life of the artist Sonia Mota, now aged 74.

“In my life cycles, I have learned that you gain wisdom when you look back on what you have experienced in a ‘gentle’ way. May this wisdom guide me in the “gray areas” of transition. And may you also help me to dance and live in new ways. Throughout life so far, my body has adapted to a very turbulent and persistent mind, in my current decade of life, my mind is beginning to adapt to my body.
My (way of) expressing myself in dance has now become much more relaxed. The desire to move faster physically has reduced, my soul has also calmed down. And so my dance has become much more intimate and essential over time.
This is how the cycles of life complement and renew each other.”
- Sonia Mota

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© Luise Flügge

Premiered at Alte Feuerwache, Cologne on June 15th 2024.

Further performances


at Alte Feuerwache, Cologne on June 16th 2024.


São Paulo, Campo Grande, Salvador and Belo Horizonte (Brazil) on August 2024.

© Luise Flügge

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Supported by Kulturamt Stadt Köln & FUNARTE

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